Watch ‘Always Remembered’

‘Always Remembered’ was a WW1 Commemoration Project delivered by Music at the Heart of Teesdale (M@HoT).

Through the first half of 2016 in the approach to the centenary of the Battle of the Somme, M@HoT’s Mike Bettison and Rupert Philbrick worked to research the sites of each war memorial in the Heart of Teesdale landscape partnership area, uncovering the stories that lie written in each stone or plaque.

As part of their work, M@HoT’s youth folk band Cream Tees learnt a number of tunes contemporary to the First World War, as well as composing their own pieces of music reflecting their learning and emotions as they uncovered the hidden history of Teesdale’s First World War. The Teesdale Longsword Dance team also learnt a new dance, under the guidance of tutor Patrick Langdon.

Both were performed at a special ‘Tunes from the Trenches’ concert with John Kirkpatrick concert at The Witham in Barnard Castle on Friday, 8th July, 2016

Photography & Edit: Rupert Philbrick

To view the videos, please click on the pinpoints on the map below, or click on the thumbnails for the videos further below!

Barnard Castle Methodist Church Hall

Barnard Castle Post Office

Barnard Castle St. Mary’s Church

remember01 remember02 remember03

Barnard Castle School



remember04 remember05 remember06




remember07 remember08 remember09


Hutton Magna


remember10 remember11 remember12



The Bowes Museum

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remember16 remember17