Musical Instruments

String musicians in Teesdale are very fortunate to have a very experienced instrument maker and repairer living in their midst, just across the river from the Demesnes in Startforth.  Cliff Tunstall has made violins, violas and cellos for many years and fortunately for M@HoT and Cream Tees he repairs them too, at very reasonable rates.

Cliff Tunstall with a Teesdale fiddle that was donated to M@HoT and which he repaired for us after many years of not being played. Now it enjoys several outings as Cream Tees’ spare fiddle – very handy when someone forgets theirs or a string breaks at an inopportune moment! (Photo by Neil Diment)

Currently he has two instruments for sale – going at seriously reduced prices! – for anyone who is interested. They are:

1 – 

A ¾ size violin. This is a Czech, 1920-40s made violin in beautiful condition and comes complete with case and bow. He is asking just £80 for it; and

2 –

A ¾ size cello, which he has kitted out with new strings and bridge. He tells me this would be worth £700+ (it’s what you would probably have to pay in Windows for something similar) but he is asking just £80 for this.

If you are at all interested in either of these instruments – or know anyone who might be – please get in touch (I have photos of them), or contact Cliff direct on: 01833 637484 or email:

Please also see New Homes for Old Instruments, 6th May 2016